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  1. ATOM, the key to strengthening the sales channel through WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp, a sales channel at your fingertips
  3. Client typing with ATOM
  4. For three months, acquiring construction materials or electricity in Sinsa Nicaragua has been more convenient and accessible. The key is the integration of our intelligent conversational platform ATOM to its digital sales channel on WhatsApp, from where its customers can make inquiries, make quotes and access the more than 60 thousand products offered by this leading company in comprehensive solutions. 

    Sinsa is one of the largest importing companies in Nicaragua, since its inception in 1990 it has been characterized by its innovative spirit, that is why at the end of 2019 it took on the challenge of automating the messages that arrive on its WhatsApp channel to make this, a more powerful sales channel. 

    So far the results in terms of conversion, effectiveness and response time have been amazing. “We had a response time between 25 and 30 minutes per service and now with ATOM we have reached a response time of 1 minute and 20 seconds.

    ATOM, the key to strengthening the sales channel through WhatsApp

    The integration of ATOM to the Sinsa Nicaragua sales channel on WhatsApp was inspired to offer a better shopping experience for its customers and in just two months, the results have surprised the team. 

    «ATOM led us to triple what the average sales were that we brought in this sales channel and we also tripled what is conversion over traffic, we went from approximately 5% conversion to almost 18% in less than two months ”, Says Ari López, Sinsa’s commercial manager. 

    «There is an acceptance of the product, the customer demands it, it is no longer a luxury, especially for the industry,» he says.


    WhatsApp, a sales channel at your fingertips

    Among so many digital channels, Sinsa opted for WhatsApp after surveying its consumers. This is a fairly accessible channel to reach your customers. 

    The WhatsApp project is not new for Sinsa, it was started a year ago, but it was not automated. “We had already started with the WhatsApp project, we carried it in a more manual way. We had only one operator to be responding to all the traffic, but we saw that the market definitely demanded that we solve this problem because we were not providing the full service and this is where ATOM comes in, «says López. 

    For more than a year, the project was managed manually, an advisor answered all the messages through a mobile device. «I started alone by answering Sinsa’s WhatsApp, it was very difficult since there were too many cases and, unlike ATOM, I couldn’t make online sales,» explains Marcel Talavera, the agent who started it.


    Customer demand through this channel was exceeded for the staff who attended the messages, «we lost all kinds of traceability and that ended up affecting us in service levels, in response times, in the user experience with the Sinsa WhatsApp ”, says Carlos Morales, Sinsa customer service manager 

    This is where the initiative to integrate our intelligent conversational platform arises. «The easiest thing the customer wants is WhatsApp, but the customer wants you to be fast, accurate and transparent with him and we believe that through WhatsApp and applying it to ATOM we have all these advantages,» he says. 

    “ATOM came to professionalize the operation we had, it helped us grow as a (digital) business model and grow as a team. We went from 1 person to having 4 sales consultants with a supervisor ”, says Carlos Morales. 

    “It is something that inspires you to know that you have the tool that you needed. It makes me happy to know that we are growing, ”says Marcel Talavera excitedly.

    Client typing with ATOM

    The digital transformation was accompanied by a virtual assistant «Alexa» that interacts with users through artificial intelligence and identifies the type of management required (consultation, quote or purchase) and typifies it. 

    «This bot with the implementation of ATOM allows us to get to typify the client, then the bot asks you some very simple questions, whether the management or your need is a more commercial management or if it is merely a query,» says López.


    Once the bot identifies the management, agents contact consumers and are responsible for closing the process. «This allows us to anticipate the service and give a more accurate response (to the client) and from there it helps us a lot with the channel’s efficiency,» says Carlos Morales. 

    On the other hand, typification of contacts «is fantastic because it gives us visibility of how the business is working to see and measure how profitable the channel and the strategy are being,» Morales points out. 

    The integration of ATOM to the Sinsa channel allows managing all messages from a multichannel platform, and not from a mobile device. 

    This Nicaraguan businessman believes that it is time to migrate towards global trends in retail and omnichannel, such as ATOM. The focus is «that the shopping experience is extraordinary no matter what medium you are taking it through,» he says. For the next few months, Sinsa aims to achieve exponential growth in traffic, sales management and customer satisfaction. Sinsa is one of the companies that has trusted our ATOM conversational platform.