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Table of Contents: Press and Read What You Need!

  1. Conversational commerce to improve your sales
  2. Chatbots for sales
  3. Sales Speech
  4. Related products recommendation
  5. Reminders
  6. If something has not changed in the online sales industry, it is the tact to treat the customer, who, as in the physical space, engages in conversation and likes to receive immediate attention to clarify doubts about the products of interest and even , expect to get a couple of tips on what to buy. 

    The sales process through digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, is similar to that of a physical store. It all starts with the interest of the client. The difference is that the sales speech is more dynamic and provides more tools to the sales team because they already know the product that the customer wants, their interests and the path they traveled to get to the chat window. 

    So, if you are looking for a sales strategy to obtain better results for your company. You should read the 5 tips below:

    Internet sales

    1- Conversational commerce to improve your sales

    Shopping has been reduced to seeing a product on any digital platform, clicking, clicking again, buying and paying, but not all customers have a pleasant experience, what is wrong in the process? Communication with the customer, the fundamental part of sales.

    Conversational commerce is a strategy that helps companies and clients to recover the conversation with the client through messaging channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, web chat).

    One of the most effective ways to provide a more complete customer experience are sales chatbots, which thanks to artificial intelligence are capable of: 1) answering all customer questions in a way. 2) Carry out the purchase process from the chat window.

    This strategy allows you to automate and humanize interactions with customers.


    Conversational chatbots are key to providing personalized attention, giving support and even providing product recommendations.

    In order for the conversational commerce strategy to be more powerful, it is advisable to integrate a CRM in digital messaging platforms, such as ATOM, which allows you to manage all digital channels in one place, configure conversational chatbots with a natural and user-friendly language. customers and offers an omnichannel experience.

    The ace up the sleeve is to be available at all times for the client, ATOM allows the automation of messages 24 hours a day.

    2- Chatbots for sales

    Not all consumer responses are predictable, so if a company wants to make sales by messages, it must configure the chatbot with open questions and answers and in different ways, in this way the bot will learn and be able to provide answers without problems.

    If a company has a specific sales campaign, then it is also important to train the bot for that specific strategy. One of the qualities of the chatbots that we create at ATOM is that they are trained to classify the information provided by the client and provide personalized attention based on specific interests.

    It also shortens the steps that the consumer has to follow to complete the purchase.

    Implementing a chatbot in the sales process helps to organize customer service simultaneously and scale to sell online, through the digital channels where your customers are and by which they prefer to be served: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter or via web chat.


    3- Sales Speech

    If you want to create the perfect sales speech, it is key that the consultants or salespeople know how to address customers. The key initially is to create a conversational marketing strategy that helps you transform customers into sales.

    But above, take into account aspects such as:

    Introduction: The first contact with the client is key. Take advantage of this moment to be transparent, say your name and make it clear that you are writing to him because you know he has an interest in «X» product, especially if you are attending an internet lead.

    • Classify the customer: it is essential to know the process in which the customer is. Are you about to buy or are you exploring? This will help you know what to offer them.
    • Generate commitment with the client: once you are sure that the client has a high purchase intention, generate commitment, repeat their order, the price, type of product, personal data and the date on which they agreed.
    • You transform threats into opportunities.
    • Generate empathy with the client and maintain a respectful and understanding treatment at all times.

    4- Related products recommendation

    Recommendations on related products are always an opportunity that we must take advantage of with customers. Facebook or Netflix are the best example of how to take advantage of this option.

    Here is an example of how you could do it in your business:

    «This product would be an excellent complement to your new product».

    Netflix usually sends you emails or notifications of recommended series or movies based on your navigation within the platform. So a commercial offer based on the user’s browsing experience is a good strategy to take.

    For example, if the customer interacted with more emphasis with Huawei products, then the chatbot kicks in: «We already have the new Huawei available. Do you want to know more?»


    5- Reminders

    There is always a margin of error in the sales process, but all is not lost. The ace up the sleeve with difficult customers are reminders and at ATOM customers have this option accessible. 

    In case the customer does not confirm the sale during the process, then ATOM allows you to configure the chatbot to send a reminder notification to the customer. «The 20% promotion to buy your insurance ends in one week. Are you still interested in getting it?» 

    In short, implement a conversational strategy directly on your sales process and customer service, generate great results for your company. Here you can get in touch with us.