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  1. How to sell on WhatsApp
  2. How to greet the customer on WhatsApp
  3. Sale of products by WhatsApp
  4. Sales by WhatsApp: the definitive tool for your company
  5. Chatbots on WhatsApp to sell
  6. ATOM, the definitive tool to increase your sales on WhatsApp
  7. Examples of Advertising by WhatsApp

Just as the typewriter evolved to the computer, many companies have taken the leap to carry their sales through WhatsApp or other messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger. But are you really getting the most out of selling on WhatsApp?


How to sell on WhatsApp

It is not news that the average user checks WhatsApp 23 times a day and many consumers are more likely to buy from companies with whom they interact on their digital channels, such as WhatsApp. 

Customers respond less and less to phone calls, they prefer to chat and the channel that stands out the most is WhatsApp. But, we must understand that reaching your consumers through this private and personal channel requires a different treatment and process.


To achieve closing sales through WhatsApp, the integration of a messaging CRM or intelligent conversational platform, such as ATOM, is much more effective than just using WhatsApp Business because it facilitates multiple integration, administration and intelligent reporting options.

How to greet the customer on WhatsApp


Did you know that some sellers use their personal account to serve customers? But what happens when that executive leaves the company?

Well, this is one of the first mistakes. Therefore, first of all it is important to define a corporate number for your company. Now, let’s talk about how to address your customers.

– Pixel tracking

It is very important that you take into account where your customers come from so that you can personalize a suitable greeting. Configure tracking pixel to know the origin of your customers. For example, if your client comes from a specific ad through social networks, then set up a greeting giving continuity to the topic or product you are promoting. «Hello, we saw that you are interested in acquiring the offer available on Facebook.»

– No SPAM for your clients

Avoid sending generic texts, invasive promotions or any message. That is, do not fall into spam.

– Customize your conversations

If you automate messages on WhatsApp it is important to maintain a natural language, as we do with the chatbots we do at ATOM, prevent your customers from seeing your conversations like a robot, personalize your messages, give your digital assistant a real name, add colloquial phrases, emojis, gif and even add a touch of humor to your chatbot.

– Message templates for WhatsApp

One of the best strategies to be successful on WhatsApp is to use message templates. This makes it easier for agents to communicate with your customers.

Sale of products by WhatsApp

Can my company sell on WhatsApp? This is a frequently asked question in the sales and management departments of many companies. It is usually believed that only restaurants or businesses with delivery need a sales channel on WhatsApp, but False!

Companies from different industries, such as education, telephone, automotive, pharmaceutical, retail and even banking can have great income in their sales channel through WhatsApp.

One of our clients is a hardware store and after integrating ATOM into its WhatsApp channel, it tripled its sales in less than 2 months. Here you can read more details about this case.

Sales by WhatsApp: ATOM, the definitive tool for your company

How does our intelligent conversational platform ATOM work together with WhatsApp? 

The time for beauty has arrived! 

ATOM integrates all WhatsApp chats in a single platform, so that you can manage all your conversations in one place. 

By integrating ATOM into your WhatsApp channel, you forget to reply to messages from a cell phone and go on to manage them on our platform from the web, just as you read it! 

The effectiveness of ATOM in WhatsApp is also achieved with the automation of messages and the help of a digital assistant. Likewise, with ATOM you have the option of assisting your clients through personal communication with an agent.

Chatbots on WhatsApp to sell


The effectiveness of ATOM in WhatsApp is also achieved with the automation of messages and the help of a digital assistant to spend less time getting to know prospects and more selling.

The chatbot that we integrate is carried out by our team and is trained to perform an information classification process and, if necessary, complements its tasks with a human agent that allows closing the sales process.

In addition, our WhatsApp chatbots are trained with natural language so that they are able to make sales from the chat window in a simple way in a matter of minutes.

ATOM, the definitive tool to increase your sales on WhatsApp

With ATOM you can transfer voice calls to WhatsApp, you just have to specify in your IVR call system the option to «continue the service via WhatsApp», this way you will allow your customers direct, accessible and easy attention through live messaging. 

Part of the volume that you receive today from calls in your IVR can be transferred to WhatsApp using ATOM. Simply when the client presses X option in the IVR, it must be configured to make a call to the ATOM API, which will automatically send a greeting message via WhatsApp to the client and in this way will transfer the attention to chats.

Examples of Advertising by WhatsApp

There are several examples of advertising, what’s more, we could analyze different images, but beyond the visual we want you to focus on the text. 

We all already know the golden rule, little text in your arts: 

Ex: $ 25 Plan | Unlimited dating 

The copy should also cut to the chase: 

Example: Browse non-stop with your unlimited data plan. Apply for WhatsApp! 

Don’t forget the callouts and buttons! Induce your client with direct phrases like «Apply by WhatsApp!», «Take it by WhatsApp», «Free shipping», better guide your customers and achieve a better effectiveness of your ad. 

Ready to integrate WhatsApp into ATOM?