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Table of Contents: Press and Read What You Need!

  • How to use Facebook to sell
  • Potential customers Facebook ads
  • Segment customers on Facebook
  • Phrases to attract potential customers on Facebook
  • Integrate a CRM on Facebook
  • Social networks have become a great ally of companies. But are you investing money and you can’t get the expected results? We will give you tips that you should take into account to get potential customers from Facebook.

    One of the main aspects that you should take into account to change the course of what you are currently doing is, stop to see your statistics, these are key to improving your conversion strategy or customer acquisition on Facebook.

    How to use Facebook to sell

    If you want to sell on Facebook, you need to sit down with your work team to make a plan on how to get potential customers on Facebook ads.

    Evaluate the necessary aspects to create your strategy: visual resources, Facebook policies for ads, make a projection of your budget and the way you will manage it; select the products to sell, the audiences you would like to reach and the ways of how you will reach them.

    Don’t forget to include a content plan that helps you generate interaction on your page, it will help you keep your costs stable, without going over your budget.


    Potential customers Facebook ads

    The best way to manage your ads is from Facebook Business, the application’s business manager. This tool allows you to have complete visibility, better configuration of your ads and better management of your budget.

    It is not recommended to do it from the Facebook page in the «Promote publication» option. It’s time to campaign on Facebook Business to really attract customers to your business, above all, to get quality leads from Facebook.

    Try to follow your marketing plan on Facebook, always analyze the statistics and come up with new ways to convert your Facebook likes into customers from the business manager.


    Segment customers on Facebook

    It sounds trite, but in the configuration of your ads it is important to segment your audience well. Who do you want to reach?

    Specify well the location, age and gender of your customers, and choose the interests of your audience well, only then can you reach the right people to sell on Facebook. The more personalized your audience is, the better chance you have of capturing quality leads.


    Phrases to attract potential customers on Facebook

    It is very important, if you want to attract new customers from Facebook, do not neglect the text that accompanies your publication, so we recommend putting attractive phrases.

    Don’t be afraid to play with viral phrases, with those that reveal the need for your product and above all, to get to the point. Make your client fall in love with attractive phrases.


    • Tours for people who don’t go on tours.
    • Make more money from your laptop.
    • Stop spending hours and hours looking for work. Your chance is here.

    Integrate a CRM on Facebook

    If you are a company that needs to generate many leads, one of the most effective options for generating potential customers through Facebook is to automate your leads with a messaging CRM or conversational platform such as ATOM, since it allows you to synchronize the information of your customers potentials on the platform and you get an efficiency of up to 60% to attract customers to your company from Facebook.

    This allows you to get smarter customer filtering and makes it easier for your team of advisers to focus on completing the sales process, not necessarily calling the prospect or following up.

    The best thing about the automation of leads on Facebook together with ATOM, is that our chatbots are trained to close sales and currently they achieve 43% of the sales of the traffic we receive.

    If you want to see with your own eyes, look at how Movistar, a telecommunications company, went from selling 200 to more than 3,000 plans a month on its digital channels after integrating ATOM. (See here). As if that were not enough, Sinsa Nicaragua, a retail company tripled its sales through WhatsApp in the first month and a half.

    Do you want to see what ATOM would do for your company?