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WhatsApp MultiAgent: advisors responding from several computers at the same time

Usually people come to our message tray asking if our ATOM platform allows having a WhatsApp line attended by multiple advisers at the same time. The need for a multi-agent WhatsApp is growing more and more, some companies are already giving the real importance to their company WhatsApp account. 

That is why in this article we address how it is possible to have a multi-user WhatsApp account, that is, multiple agents per account on WhatsApp.

Multi-user WhatsApp: Multiple agents attending conversations on WhatsApp

Currently the WhatsApp administration limits the ability to have a single person replying to customer messages, there is still no multi-user WhatsApp option, this is a nightmare for companies that have a high demand for messages from their customers, even, for those others who want to grow their customer service and sales through this channel. Fortunately, there are always safe alternatives, like our ATOM platform. 

“ATOM is directly integrated with various digital channels, including WhatsApp, this allows all traffic directed to the integrated channels to be distributed among all agents,” explains Antony Hernández, ATOM technical support.

Our ATOM conversational platform allows companies to have multi-user web WhatsApp, that is, multiple agents on WhatsApp at the same time, it also allows these leads to be distributed and each agent to have their own client portfolio.

“ATOM distributes the incoming chats automatically among the available agents, this allows us to be more agile when selling / serving customers,” he says.

WhatsApp from multiple computers

Another aspect that limits companies in the current administration of WhatsApp is that the application allows you to have an open session on the web and on a mobile device. 

“The integration of ATOM to WhatsApp allows this channel to be managed by agents located on different computers to have greater control and information on interactions with customers,” explains Antony Hernández, ATOM technical support. 

The administration of WhatsApp from several computers is achieved thanks to the official integration of our ATOM platform, since until now there is no option to do it directly from the app. 

Our intelligent platform encourages having a multi-user WhatsApp business account that facilitates communication between clients and companies, mainly guarantees the transfer of conversations to different advisers on WhatsApp, immediate responses, automated message sending, several simultaneous calls, history of interactions with customers, real-time tracking and much more. 

With ATOM, companies can manage WhatsApp from multiple computers and work collaboratively.

ATOM + WhatsApp, to enhance your conversations

ATOM, through a subscription model based on the licensing of agents and chatbots, facilitates the option of WhatsApp multi-agent companies, this allows brands to manage their corporate WhatsApp account from different computers and by multiple advisers at the same time. Until now there is no multi-user WhatsApp option for free.

Fortunately, our platform is a safe option and allows companies to have complete visibility and traceability of customer service and sales service through this platform.

From our team we teach our allies how to use multi-user WhatsApp with ATOM, that is, multiple users attending WhatsApp.

In our platform, clients can have access to reports for business intelligence, real-time monitoring of interactions, integration of messaging and calls in a single platform, and an automatic sequences module for monitoring and self-management.

ATOM does not depend on a complicated installation process within companies, as it is a 100% cloud solution, allowing rapid adoption by the team of agents. 

ATOM provides the automation and management of conversations via WhatsApp / FB Messenger, allowing to convert up to 5 times more sales, and integrating with most of the current payment gateways.

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