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22994 Movistar logo 1

Movistar Costa rica automated its digital messaging channels integrating our intelligent conversational platform.

Since then, the mobile phone company went from selling 200 plans monthly to more than 3,000 products monthly, increasing the efficiency rate from 4% to 30%.

+3x  in selling plans & 30% sales conversion

sinsa logo

Sinsa Nicaragua, a comprehensive solutions company, tripled sales in less than 2 months with just automating its main digital sales channel, Whatsapp.

By integrating ATOM, our intelligent conversational platform, SINSA also tripled the conversion rate of digital traffic, It went from 5% to 18% in less than 60 days.

+5x in sales and 18% sales conversion

unicomer 2

Unicomer group Nicaragua, increased 8 times its invoicing, interacting with clients 7 times more than before just using Atom chat.

Since UNICOMER opened that digital channel and integrated our platform, the company is recognized for the power of monetization and allows the clients to acquire their products immediately.

+7X in sales and +8x in interactions


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