Connect with your customers where they are!

We help companies increase their sales teams productivity by enabling automation and providing actionable insights



40% of your customers look for you after hours.

Our Predictive Revenue engine will help teams identify:
- How likely a Customer is to buying
- How to engage them via the right follow up sequences to increase conversion
- We will use the data from intents by analyzing the conversation, interactions and customer data to fuel our Predictive revenue engine and help Teams be more productive
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ATOM will improve all your KPIs!

30 %

Cost reduction in customer service


Increase your sales by using messaging

80 %

Automates human interactions

100 %

Improved agent productivity

We provide the necessary tools for your agents to sell up to 5 times more!



Designed for having complete visibility of all your channels so that you will reply faster.


Classify your conversations and laser focus on most likely sales

Customer profile

Centralize your customers’ info for better and accurate follow-ups


Follow-ups automatization for increasing the productivity of your sales agents.

Real-time insights and in-depth analytics

A platform that gives you in-depth insights about your customers and your agents, so you can distinguish business opportunities, activate follow-ups based on results, identify where your customers opt-in, and finally provide the best service creating a unique sales experience. ​
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Just one single WhatsApp number for your sales team

Now with our mobile app your agents will add every client as a single contact and keep with the sales pipeline sending our custom template messages.

Success stories

Movistar Costa Rica

Movistar Costa Rica implemented ATOM to focus on WhatsApp and Messenger channels. This Telecom company went from selling 200 plans per month to more than 3,000 products monthly, increasing sales effectiveness from 4% to 30%.

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