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  1. How artificial intelligence works in customer service
  2. AI in customer service
  3. Artificial intelligence and customers
  4. Artificial intelligence examples
  5. Artificial intelligence for digital marketing
  6. The customer service industry is evolving thanks to Artificial Intelligence that is allowing to automate tasks, for example, immediate responses on WhatsApp, Facebook or other digital messaging applications, and we want to tell you about this below. 

    Contrary to the idea that artificial intelligence will replace customer service agents, it has shown that its contribution allows humans to use their time on tasks that require more effort. 

    The trends of artificial intelligence in customer service dictate that this 2020 the use of artificial intelligence will increase and bring benefits for users and companies.

    How artificial intelligence works in customer service

    Artificial intelligence is present among us and we have all interacted with it even without realizing it, but do you know how artificial intelligence works in customer service? The answer is simple, naturally. 

    Customers do not want to be sold or feel that they are interacting with a robot, they want a pleasant and personalized experience, as our ATOM platform works. 

    «Today’s brands are entering a world that will change the way they interact with customers, a world where building relationships is more important than ever,» said Eva Taylor, Senior Manager, Social Marketing at Hootsuite in the 2020 Trends study. by Hootsuite.


    Customers demand personalized treatment, which is why it is important to take care of customer service in a company, especially in its digital channels. 

    There are different types of customer service, but if your company is committed to digital service supported by a chatbot, it is key to train your digital assistant with natural and characteristic language of your company, which makes your consumers feel that they are talking with a representative of your company. 

    “Customers want to know that they are uniquely understood before they can develop trust in the brand. We need to speak their language and play on their terms if we expect consideration, ”said Laura Prael, Founder and Director of LEP Digital. That is why it is increasingly important that brands know how to delight consumers because undoubtedly in this group, there are potential customers that should not be lost.

    AI in customer service

    Currently it is key to provide customer service in real time and in a personalized way and to achieve this, the implementation of chatbots with Artificial Intelligence is key. In their study, Hootsuite notes that «chatbots are a significant investment, providing customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while managing incoming customer data.»

    whatsapp customer service

    To get a better profit and provide a better customer service experience, it is key to integrate your chatbot with a CRM such as ATOM, which is omnichannel and allows you to manage all your digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, web chat) from a single platform . 

    At ATOM we have detected that responding within the first 15 seconds is essential to retain consumers and maintain the communication they need. In fact, the interactions that chatbots cannot resolve can be attended to immediately by human agents through digital messaging or calls. Here you can contact our team and request your free demo.


    Artificial intelligence and customers

    Consumers today demand always-on customer service and being treated with priority. More and more companies from different industries are betting on offering their customers immediate answers through chatbots trained with artificial intelligence, which are capable of interacting with a natural and simple language. 

    Consumers who have a satisfactory experience with the brand on its digital channels become natural ambassadors for your company and generate greater trust in your community. Is it just what you need for your company? Contact us here.

    Artificial intelligence examples

    To understand how artificial intelligence works, you don’t have to go very far. Does Apple’s «Siri» sound familiar? Conversational voice chatbots (like Siri) or text chatbots are trained with a technology capable of understanding users’ needs and responding. 

    The way Facebook suggests tagging a friend who appears in a photo that we upload is another way of understanding how artificial intelligence works and how we interact with it on a daily basis, even without realizing it.

    Artificial intelligence for digital marketing

    The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving and there is no doubt that companies must update themselves to new trends. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing is present through different tools and technologies that help to better understand the community and make better decisions. 

    For example, with some ATOM clients we implement marketing campaigns to capture traffic through different social media platforms. Brands like Netflix offer their customers personalized content, based on their interests, thanks to artificial intelligence. 

    The market for artificial intelligence in digital marketing is expanding rapidly, we cannot help but take advantage of the many benefits. What do you think?