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Table of Contents: Press and Read What You Need!

  1. Accurate information instantly
  2. Customer acquisition through trust
  3. Your chatbot learns from your customers and adapts to them
  4. Collect information to predict the interests of your customers
  5. Asynchronous conversation
  6. For decades, the automotive industry has been characterized by looking to the future. For this reason, the most successful brands in the world remain on the path of innovation and creativity; in search of new trends and technologies that make their vehicles the best options on the market. This unstoppable desire to innovate is not only related to the vehicle itself (and its increasingly surprising capabilities) but also to production processes, logistics, administration and sales strategies. 

    It is in this last link of the chain, where chatbots and conversational commerce enter, tools that in other industries have generated gigantic results and substantial improvements in attracting and customer service. That is why thousands of automotive brands and dealerships are implementing conversational commerce strategies on their web pages, since they have discovered that through them they manage to connect consumers with the vehicles they want, they allow to identify hot buyers in minutes and above all, they allow to improve the response time to users, so that a totally satisfactory experience becomes for them, which leads to an increase in sales.

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    In view of these benefits and the trend that this technology is setting, the most ambitious managers in the automotive industry in Latin America find a prevailing desire to train, update and take the lead in this area. As we know that it is of your interest, next we are going to talk about the most important advantages of conversational commerce.

    Remember that ATOM is a leading platform in conversational commerce in Central America, which trains and accompanies you in the implementation of a strategy adjusted to your objectives. Free demo.


    Accurate information instantly

    All the information that your customers need is on your website, you just have to search for it and that’s it. So why implement a chatbot? Because your consumers found that it is easier to get what they want in conversation. And they won’t think twice! They will choose the website that delivers what they want the fastest. 

    In a conversational commerce strategy, you will be able to design the conversation flow of your chatbot, in a structured and complete but simple way, which facilitates the delivery of correct and precise answers to any user question. That is, you have the option of generating a tour ordered by steps or the option of responding directly to any question that your user asks, even from the greeting. This requires exploring the full spectrum of questions a potential customer can ask, and programming the chatbot so that it is capable of answering as many questions as possible.

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    Customer acquisition through trust

    Buying a car is not a process to be taken lightly. Today each person studies very well all their possibilities before making the decision. That implies a lot of changes of opinion and preference from one dealer to another. That is why users will value advice that enriches their criteria much more than an offer for a car that is not on their spectrum. 

    Although chatbots are Artificial Intelligence, they are trained to have warm and human conversations with a friendly greeting. From that moment on, you will be able to answer any question correctly so that it is useful to the user. The advantage is that the chatbot is a warm way to get closer to your users, much better than saturating them with dozens of intrusive messages and a bombardment of emails with hundreds of vehicles that will only confuse them even more.


    Your chatbot learns from your customers and adapts to them

    During the conversation flow, your chatbot will get key information from your customers.

    What to do with that information? The answer is obvious: hit the spot! In other words, match the tastes of your customer with the perfect offer from your dealer in terms of price, performance, characteristics and other variables.

    When you implement a conversational commerce strategy, you have the option of adding questions to your chatbot flow that help the user to identify the offer that best suits their needs.

    • Looking for a new or used car?
    • What is the ideal price?
    • Do you want it to travel with your family or move around the city? 

    This is one of the reasons that an automotive brand’s sales success is assured.

    Don’t forget that chatbots can keep learning and improving as they interact with more and more people.

    chatbot car

    Collect information to predict the interests of your customers

    Asking questions like the ones above represent an additional advantage for your company. The responses obtained will provide you with key information about your target: their preferences, budgets, demographics, etc. 

    We are talking about the generation of DATA to interpret the trends of your market.


    This DATA will not only help you improve your conversational commerce management in itself, but it will also allow you to draw conclusions from the most sought after models, the most successful financing plans and the benefits that your target is most interested in. 

    For that, ATOM offers a wide variety of reporting options, which are the way to follow up on each conversation and each point in your strategy.

    Asynchronous conversation

    One of the frequent problems that frustrates users is having to start a conversation from scratch, every time they contact your company. We talked not only about the initial greeting, but about the request for data and the entire journey through the flow from the beginning. For this, ATOM developed in its bots the ability to have an asynchronous conversation, that is, regardless of whether your client has disconnected, once they log in again, they can continue the conversation right where it left off.

    We hope this information has cleared the picture regarding the use of chatbots in the automotive industry. Remember that ATOM is a conversational commerce platform, ready to guide you in whatever you need. Contact us and schedule your free Demo.