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  1. Automatic responses in WhatsApp Business
  2. Reply to all WhatsApp messages with a chatbot
  3. Multiple advisers, a single WhatsApp line
  4. WhatsApp message templates and examples
  5. Advantages of automatic responses on WhatsApp with chatbot
  6. Today more than ever, the presence of a brand on WhatsApp is no longer an option, there is no doubt that it is a necessary window for both companies and customers. However, not all companies are prepared to provide correct customer service or sales service through the messaging app.

    Confinement has accelerated the digitization of companies and many of them launched themselves to invite their customers to write to them on WhatsApp or place their order through that digital channel, but you have thought about how long should customers wait to receive a response from your company?


    According to Harvard, the rate of contact and qualification drops dramatically in the first 5 or 10 minutes, very fast. That is why serving customers immediately is now more than ever the bet that many companies must make and this is where we want to focus. 

    One of the most valuable options that a company must currently implement are the automatic responses in WhatsApp and in this article we will tell you how to do it and what is the best way for your company.

    Automatic responses in WhatsApp Business

    This is one of the easiest and most common options to do it. Business accounts on WhatsApp have the option of creating automated responses from WhatsApp Business, these appear immediately to customers once they send a message. Then a person is responsible for answering manually. This option is undoubtedly key to transmitting a first impression to the customer.

    How does it work? It’s simple. You must download WhatsApp Business on Android and iOS cell phones and create a Whatspp business account, then schedule automatic responses in WhatsApp. To put you in context, we show you two types of automatic responses in WhatsApp Business that are widely used by some businesses: «Thank you for using our WhatsApp service, we will help you in a few moments.» “Thank you for contacting (company name). Please let us know how we can help you ”.


    This message helps many companies cushion the first interaction with the customer. But what happens when the client writes outside of business hours? The automatic response is sent to the consumer, but then there is no longer a person behind the cell phone to respond. 

    This is precisely one of the disadvantages that a company account on WhatsApp faces when activating automatic responses. 

    Communication through WhatsApp is marked by the immediacy and speed with which the conversation flows. And clearly, companies must adjust to the platform, above all, those that have a high demand for customer service, claims, requests, orders or sales must adapt.

    Reply to all WhatsApp messages with a chatbot

    The most viable solution for companies that want to provide a more complete 24/7 service, especially those with high demand for customer service or digital sales through WhatsApp, is to integrate a chatbot into their digital channel through a CRM. 

    Based on the experience we have had with our clients, the conversational chatbots integrated into WhatsApp allow us to reduce the response time from 2 hours or more to 1 minute. This undoubtedly marks an impact not only on customer satisfaction, but also at the sales level.

    Despite the myths that commonly exist about bots. A conversational chatbot with artificial intelligence not only responds to the first message sent by customers, but is also capable of holding a conversation with consumers and closing the sale of products from the chat window. 

    Conversational chatbots have greater potential when they are intelligently trained to communicate with natural language, that is, to respond to messages as a person would and with phrases that represent your organization or company. 

    Conversational bots represent a great support for retail companies, telecommunications, pharmacies, insurance companies, companies that sell vehicles, universities and others that receive a large number of requests from their customers every day and need to respond promptly to all their messages.

    Multiple advisers, a single WhatsApp line

    To boost responses in the WhatsApp service and sales channel, the integration of a CRM or a conversational platform such as ATOM is key, which allows several people to respond to messages simultaneously from their computers and through a single WhatsApp line. This option allows you to offer your clients a more personalized and complete service. 

    How to do it? One of the most powerful ATOM solutions is that by integrating ATOM to WhatsApp, the management of your digital channel is no longer done from a mobile phone, but from the computer. This allows multiple agents to communicate directly with your customers and respond to all of them through messages or calls. This allows companies to do a complete job between the conversational chatbot and the agents.

    People and chatbot? Yes. The chatbot takes care of the first interaction with the customer, collecting their contact information and immediately responding to their request. Traditionally, this process is done by one person, but the response time is up to 2 hours and many companies run the risk of increasing dissatisfaction and complaints from users.

    The agents come into action once the bot has collected all the necessary information, in this way the agent reaches the user with a more accurate information or solution. This allows them to spend higher quality time solving complex problems or cases that must be solved with the help of people, especially when it comes to companies with high traffic flow or that serve a large number of customers.

    The advantage that ATOM offers is that the customer has the option of choosing when to be attended by a live agent.

    WhatsApp message templates and examples

    Communication with your customers through WhatsApp is part of a very important element, and it is the way your brand interacts with users. That is why it is always vital to create message templates that define the style and responses for all messages on WhatsApp. 

    A poorly worded message can lead to your business losing a sale and even worse, losing a customer. That is why it is very important to establish well-prepared messages on how to greet a client on WhatsApp and in general, how to collect the request from your clients.


    Advantages of automatic responses on WhatsApp with chatbot

    1) Automation customer service

    Automation of services is increasingly common in many industries. The demand for active customer service is leading many companies to make use of artificial intelligence to offer immediate attention, especially on WhatsApp, which has become the messaging channel that many users prefer.


    2) Attract prospects to WhatsApp

    Customers who come to your company on WhatsApp do so motivated by only one reason: their trust in your brand. That is why more and more companies attract leads to this digital channel and invest in automating not only customer service, but also a conversational flow that allows them to sell on WhatsApp.


    3) Increase sales by WhatsApp

    Good sales management through WhatsApp has led one of our clients to triple its sales in less than two months and become effective from 5% to 18%. The results through this messaging application are extraordinary. Here you can read the case.