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Table of Contents: Press and Read What You Need!

  1. Accessible for remote work
  2. Transfer calls to WhatsApp
  3. Quick responses using chatbot with Artificial Intelligence
  4. More and more people are joining the world of teleworking, this is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to optimize time at home and make working from home more authentic. The key to success in this stage is to provide your team with the necessary tools to achieve efficiency in remote work, that is why if you need to decentralize your team or want to improve the current structure by automating processes, we give you some benefits that you would receive by integrating ATOM so that everything flows correctly.

    1-Accessible for remote work

    If you are a retail company or have a high demand for customer service in your digital channels, we tell you that with our intelligent conversational platform ATOM you can integrate and unify all the messages that come to your company through WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, chatbots or landing pages so that your sales team can serve your customers and make sales of your products from one place.

    To work remotely with ATOM, it is enough that you and your sales team have a computer and internet access. Companies in the retail industry have tripled their sales in less than two months by integrating ATOM. You can read one of the cases here.


    2- Transfer calls to WhatsApp

    With ATOM you can transfer voice calls to WhatsApp, you just have to specify in your IVR call system the option to «continue the service via WhatsApp», this way you will allow your customers direct, accessible and easy attention through live messaging. 

    Part of the volume that you receive today from calls in your IVR can be transferred to WhatsApp using ATOM. Simply when the client presses X option in the IVR, it must be configured to make a call to the ATOM API, gwhich will automatically send a greeting message via WhatsApp to the client and in this way will transfer the attention to chats. 

    See more about automating phone calls to WhatsApp, here.